Restaurant & Bar

After a long day of traveling and shopping, enjoy a cup of Turkish Coffee. 
Taste the special drinks prepared by our bartender and establish new friendships at the Lobby Bar. Enjoy the traditional Turkish Cuisine and taste international dishes in our restaurant with a 100 person seating capacity.

Free Wireless Internet Connection is available at the Restaurant and Bar.

All foods on our Breakfast Buffet

Feta Cheese Cheddar Cheese Cheese Wire Cheese Braid Cheese Triangle
Herbed Feta Cheese Black Olive Green Olive Stuffed Olive Ham
Chicken Ham Sausage Honey Strawberry Jam Rose Jam
Apricot Jam Cherry Jam Butter Tomato Cucumber
Scrambled Eggs Boiled Eggs Ketchup Cocoa Cornflakes
Cornflakes (Cacoa) Yogurt Yogurt with Fruit Fruit Salad Dried Apricots
Dried Figs Raisins Grapefruit Orange American Salad
Parsley Grated Carrot Olive Oil Cabbage Fried Potatoes Egg Bread
Patty Soup of the Day White Bread Wholemeal Bread Cakes
Mini Pizza Bagel Bread Roll Pastry Bread Roll
Walnut Croissant Croissant Pastry Orange Juice Coffee
Apple Juice Coffee Milk Curd Cheese Cherry Juice
Turkish Tea Plant Teas Halva Nutella

Bon appetite - Buen provecho - Bon appétit - Guten Appetit - Buon appetito